25 Years Later

Note: This blog post was drafted on 7-8-2016.

I can remember the date 7-8-91, 25 years ago, 1991.  I was a teenager; walking our main street, Hylan Blvd, with my two friends Crissy and Dina.  I can remember seeing that shiny blue stick-shift Mustang.  I can remember so vividly the conversation us girls had about the guy in the blue mustang and if we should get in when he pulled over when he saw us.  We knew the guy.  He was that guy.   The handsome, genuinely nice, jock,  from high school.  A fellow teenager, only a year older.  I tell you this little “story” because that was a small moment in time that has carried me to who I am today.  Interesting enough.  None of speak to each other any more. But we can visit each others lives on social media as we still have some commonalities.  Yet I am sure that we can all remember that summer and the days and years that followed us, together.  Maybe different memories but memories the same.

This moment, like many other moments in my life have challenged me.  Have shaped me. Have turned my insecurities to positive thoughts back to self confidence issues and again to carry myself with pride.  I am a small moment person.  I believe that every small moment leads us to bigger moments.

And all of it matters.

Yes, all.

For example, this day’s activities resulted in many happy and hurtful moments in the many years after. But, even today, those moments pushed me to a place of how to deal with similar moments as they pushed their way into my life.  You have to learn how to deal.  Not avoid.   Escape is never the safest path.

Sometimes I hate that I believe that.  I hate to worry and I hate to make big deals over small moments.  BUT.

I think that every moment effectuates us to who we are.

So yes, I trip out, literally trip out, when Dan gets a small mistake in his haircut; I cry whenever he tells me a story of another kid “bullying” him; I scream when he gives away his belongings that I have given him.  The non-monumental, small moments hit me hard because it shows me the giving, caring, non-assuming and non-judgmental little man he is.  I’ve raised him good.

So yes, all those times I have tripped out over family, men, running, goals, work, love, relationships, friends, singing, writing, education, and responsibilities.  Oh I can go on. But, the moral is that all of this shapes who I am, and consequently who little man will be.

I’m hoping all of our little moments will drive us towards a musical and monumental lifetime. I want to make sure that death becomes me, and that no regrets steer me, and love consumes me.

Share your onward and upward moments…


A bit of Magic & Little Man

Early last month little man and I joined my sister and her in-laws on a cruise aboard the Carnival Magic.  Here’s a little story about the fun our families had:

Players: Hailey (15 months)Sydney (3), Logan (3), Ryan (6) , Daniel (9), and Megan (13).  And all the adults.

Location: Newark to Orlando, Depart from Port Canaveral travelling to Rotan, Costa Maya, Cozumel and Belize.  Well, that was the original plan.  So..it became no stop at Rotan, instead dock in Key West.

Activities: Rotan-Horseback riding in Rotan, Undecided in Belize, Ziplining in Costa Maya, Paradise Beach in Cozumel.  Plans changed to Cave Tubing in BElize and no Horseback riding so we did a trip to the Lighthouse and a walk on Duval Street in Key West.  Others did Kayaking and Jet Skiing.

High Notes:

Excursions: Paradise Beach $3 entrance price was just right for the pool fun and beach time.  The water itself was a little rocky so we chose to stay in the pool.  Ate some yummy tacos at the taco truck and had a mojito from the travelling mojito bar.  It was close to the port and totally recommend it for all.  Lost Mayan Park in Costa Maya-lazy river and ziplinig was great fun.  Waterpark and pool were nice to cool off in.  Something for everyone.In Belize we ended up ding the Cave Tubing-not a fan.

Guy’s Burgers-never had a bad burger.  I opted each day on the boat for a burger instead of buffet for lunch.  That good.

Could have done better:

Any Time Dining-we usually got there at 5:30 when the dining room opened.  We were a big party so you would think they  would have figured out seating us by the second night but it took three tries in the dining room to finally get the same table we had with the same wait staff.

Never saw the spa and the gym.  It is something I usually commit to at least 3 times a sailing.  But this was a Danny Man trip and really didn’t have the time to get moving without him.  Maybe it was the inside room that gave no light.  Bad move on my part.  Always thought it was night and never woke up early.  Any way, there was plenty else to do on the boat like water slides, mini golf, and ziplining.

Here’s some photos from our time.


Our meeting point!


Better Shell Believe it.


Allison’s birthday cake day


At Port


The unscheduled Stop in Key West


Allison’s Balcony selfie


Photo time for formal night


Paradise Beach Pool time


Paradise Beach


Mojito and Margarita time!


Paradise Beach Water area


Formal night with my love


Breakfast time at Port


Paradise Beach

This was one of my favorite things that happened on the boat.  A balloon drop where guests wrote down their favorite things about the cruise, placed it in the balloon, blew it up, and decorated if they wanted to.  Dan’s was meeting new friends-like the one in the Pirate shot.  Most everyone’s was the water slides.  I read a lot of them.


MY FAVORITE Appetizer and I had to have two.  Would have had more but wanted three entrees and two desserts too.  The eating that goes on during cruising!



Sums up the happiness and fulfillment!

Garage Sales and A Fast 5K

It’s been a while I could actually sit down with my thoughts and write.  I have been thinking a lot and as always it goes around and around and just stays in the air.  But now that I can’t sleep and I have a moment.  I would like to share some things.

This year I made one New Year’s Resolution: To have a Garage Sale before  June.  I happy to say Mission Accomplished. Successful? Not so much.  But it made for a family event with pizza from Lee’s Tavern served for lunch.  A nice way to get outside, even though the rain was off and on, and see our neighbors.  We sold some big toy items and a pair of shoes, but home essentials and clothing were a no-go.  I might have to do another one with better marketing.

It’s on my to-do list.

Next up is my running resolution.  Pat on my back moment-I have run two marathons. Both were NYC and both were amazing in different ways.  This year no marathon.  Why? Well don’t think for a minute that I can’t do it because I could.  And don’t think that I don’t want to do it because I do but just not this year and this time around.  Time is of the essence and I really didn’t have the time to commit.  And I’d like a new marathon to run.

But I do have the time and the will to run a fast 5k so my training will commence in August and culminate in November’s run”Race to the Finish Line.”  I look forward to  leaving my comfort zone and challenging my brain to forget the what ifs and just go with the what I can do.

Here are some pictures to show you what we’ve been doing in the last few months.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Until next time…Fun summer ahead




E A R N 

E is for everything. A is for attention.  R is reward.  N is for now.

Daniel and I have been speaking about getting things, specifically how people get things they want.  And I am not talking about respect and love.  Even though we do speak to those and I still think that is earned.

But Mr. Daniel really needed a conversation about how things are earned not just given when they are asked for.  Now, I have to explain- we have two orbs that surround Dan-it’s called mommy and daddy.  Mommy and daddy don’t live in the same home for several reasons.  But one reason is our different opinions on how we get things and more when we get things.  I think we both understand what it means to earn but I think we differ in the depth and breadth of that.  I won’t speak on behalf of the daddy orb-it’s solely based on my perception based on the prior actions.  But let me speak on behalf me, mommy.

Scenario: Daniel has many toys.  STILL UNOPENED FROM CHRISTMAS!  But really, he has just has a lot of toys; 4 rooms worth of toys, let’s just say.  He also has a desktop computer, a lap top, a 3DS XL, a 2DS, and an Iphone 6S-as of today-a month ago he had the 6 Plus.  Another story to be told.

Daniel would like the MacBook Pro.  He likes to record videos for his YouTube account and would like to step it up to the next level of editing.  He feels that he would benefit in school too based on the new programs he learns and he thoroughly enjoys writing so it would help him to write more efficiently.  The kid is a good salesman-takes after daddy on that.  But I, as the consumer, had some questions for him.  Because I am the interrogator!

I asked questions that concerned his:about accountability, cost, reliability and really why does he need it.

I heard this:  Dad can give you the money.  I won’t drop or lose it; I’ll carry it in a nice case.  I will learn how to use it and go to the Apple Store with you.   My friend is getting one from his uncle.

Daniel then heard this from me: I am willing to buy you anything-if you earn it-Daniel!  I don’t need money from your father.

I think, however that an 8 year old, really needs to understand what goes into purchasing an item like this.  I talk with  him about his daily responsibilities and how he isn’t really yon point with those so how can earn something when he doesn’t even go the bare minimum.  I discuss with him that this isn’t a toy, this would be an investment.  And I am not trying to purchase this tomorrow or next week or even next month but I am willing to look at it, think about it and set some standards.

So off to the mall we went and looked at the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and MacBook.  Even though he has his eyes set on one of the three.  I needed to understand their differences and similarities, including cost and accessibility.  And in the end, the bang for my buck is in the MacBook Pro.  Now Dan will be 9 in June.  So I said to him that this is a good investment but this isn’t a given.  You are not entitled to this.  You need to EARN it.  And no, not by doing your homework and brushing your teeth.  But by going above and beyond your normal routines.  By following the routine and by asking “what more can I do.”  That’s what will get you to a MacBook Pro.

So many questions I want to ask of you: the two parent two household struggle; the generation; the availability…what’s going on here!

Let’s check in on this again in month.  Feel free to leave comments!  Even words of wisdom for my little man.




Bike Tour de 5 Boroughs

This past weekend, I biked the 40 miler 5 boro tour.

Bib pick up-Basketball City on South Street in lower east side.  Easy peezy.

I did pick up my bib in anticipation that I would ride however there was a thought of not riding due to the rain and my lack of riding experience.

Yes I know how to ride a bike.  I take pleasure every August to ride Summer Streets in NYC.   However taking a bike on a 40 mile ride over 5 bridges with 30,000 other bikers was a little daunting to face. 

But I showed up! It wasn’t raining when I left the house at 5:45 AM but clearly it was going to rain. But not a downpour. So since I put out the $99 and I took a trip to the city to pick up my bib I said why not. 

I rode my bike to the Staten Island Railroad that takes us to the Staten Island Ferry. I ate a bar while on the train becaus that’s what I do when I run. But maybe I should have taken the lead from the other riders-eggs and bacon on a bagel!  I got to the terminal and saw there was a line to get on the ferry full of bikers. I guess a lot of people thought of this convenient idea. 

I believe we all got on the ferry. We needed to stay on the bottom level, where cars used to board pre-September 11. I was a bit afraid since the last time I was on the lower level I actually felt like throwing up but I met a lovely woman and we talked the ride away. 

We needed to get up to Chambers Street for the first wave and I was there on time but somehow, my only gripe, I didn’t get in the first wave. How did that happen!??? So I had to wait in the rain just ready to go for the second wave. Oh well. 

It was time to ride, and it was slow moving and close to each other but eventually, actually not too much longer after the start, we spread out and rode at our leisure. 

The ride seemed pretty fast. Even though it was over 4 hours. The streets and neighborhoods and sights were great. The bridges and the hills were, well, since my gears weren’t working, it was a workout. I had to use a lot of glute and leg power to get over those hills. Thank god I spin and workout because I was not prepared for that! And angry after paying $99 for a bike tune up.  

A lovely stop for coffee and a bathroom break in Williamsburg was welcomed at Sweet Leaf.  A Maple Leaf Latte  and croissant really hit the spot! And why not actually tour the places you are riding through?  

Next year-sure-but it better be a sunny day! So I can enjoy the festival that looked like fun if I wasn’t wet and cold. And with that, I took the bike path home along the boardwalk to finish out my tour of my neighborhood.   

The Dark Side

A weekend whirlwind that wasn’t dark.  The rain held off on our partly cloudy weekend. We celebrated life, food, family and the ability to enjoy the outdoors. maybe too much food!  Next blog entry I will explain…But first the Star Wars Dark Side Re-Cap.

The race that almost wasn’t.  Long story short-I thought I hit the final button to secure my spot in the runDisney Star Wars Dark Side Half marathon.  This would be the first leg of the Coast to Chateau medal opportunity.  the second leg culminating in Paris!  Well anyway, I did not hit it apparently.  As I searched for my waiver, as I searched for an email confirmation, as I searched for the paid receipt, NADA.  So after I freaked out!  I emailed runDisney.

They in turn, were able to assist me eventually.  And with only 4 days before the race did I have that waiver in my hand!

Since I stayed off Disney grounds, a first for me during a race weekend, I ventured out earlier than I would have.  A 2:45 AM alarm was set and I was out of my room at the Universal Cabana Beach Bay Resort by 3:15 AM.  On the road and heading to the Epcot parking lot, I was beginning to get a little nervous. I’ll have to hit those potties.  I was able to drive into the parking area and park easily.  Took a picture of exactly where I parked and started to walk the distance to the bib pick-up area.  Found it and was able to hang in the bleachers for a bit and watch the entertainment and people on lien for character pictures. There were some great opportunities for pictures but I was a little “late” for that.

It was then time to head out to the corrals.  I was in Corral L…that’s what happens when you sign up LATE!  But no worries.  An hour and 15 minutes in the corral on a nice morning watching fireworks every 4 or so minutes passed time. The only issue I had with Corral L, besides the wait, was the fact that many of the runners were walkers and that the crowds were thick when we reached the road…which meant-A LOT of walking and tangents when I could run for me.  But I was not there to win the race yet I wanted to run and I wanted to be safe around the stop and goers.

I wish I could remember the whole course…but that information is out there on the world wide web…but what I do remember is the great run through EPCOT’s world and a very long run on the highway to Animal Kingdom and finally the Animal Kingdom, and then the finish near the Sports Complex.  Where, BY THE WAY, Thank you CARISSA who announced my name as I ran past the finish line!!!!!!!!!!!

In Animal Kingdom, it was a plethora of opportunities to take photos with your favorite Star Wars Characters.  I stopped this time since I was not running this for time and after my two bathroom breaks and my water stops why the heck not?!?!


It was nice day to run 2:46 but really was within with half range of 2:10 considereing bathroom breaks and photo ops; some great picture opportunities; and an AMAZING medal which made this worth the L, long wait, Corral !

United NYC Half Marathon Re-Cap

A few weeks late but really the memories are forever lasting!  Besides any Disney race, this race is my most favorite of them all.  Better than the NYC Marathon.  Yes, that good.  Well, first off 13 miles instead of 26…no brainer.  Nah the NYC Marathon is one of it’s kind. Different kind of best.

That morning since the start is not near the finish, I parked downtown and took the train uptown.  I didn’t check a bag in either.  I left my warm clothes in the car and took one of the mylar blankets from a past race up with me to the start.

Security was  a little rough this year where all racers had to go through a check point .  Metal Detector was used for both those with bags and without bags, there were no separate lines for each.  Maybe it would have been faster if they did split.  But we were huddled together so warmth was a good effect of the wait.  Next up were potties.  There were some lines as you first passed the security check in but then a few steps away, NO WAITS!  But clearly I waited since I had to go and did wait because I stopped at the first ones!

Next up Corral entry.  Easy like always.

Time to start.  And we were off.  Central Park is usually the hardest locale for races but those six miles really did fly.  Even though I wasn’t actually flying.  It was time to exit the park, and the crowds, I knew, would be right there and roaring.  And they were.  It was an amazing sight as we traveled down the Avenue.

It’s  just a great, flat road filled with locales and tourists, lights and as we got closer to Times Square, we were running alongside the kid races.  They were inside a barrier but it was great to see them go!  And many of us tried to stay with them outside, cheering them on.

When I run through Times Square, I loose myself.  It is my favorite place in Manhattan.  Just magical and amazing.  Even in the early part of the day.   Then comes the West Side Highway.  Those miles, for me, are the worst.  Windy.   Aware of the tunnel approaching. A very bare cheering section.

I took quite a number of water breaks, and plain old walking breaks.

And then I said, sure let’s speed up for that last mile as he were approaching the tunnel.  LOL.  I really though t I could but that uphill battle and the actual tunnel vision was killing me.  So no, I didn’t finish in the time I wanted.  But did I enjoy it?

Hell yes!!!   Hope to get n again next year though it’s lottery!